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Welcome to our prestigious chef recruitment agency, specializing in luxury super yachts and villas. We serve as the vital link between top culinary talents and the most exclusive dining destinations globally. With vast experience and a renowned chef network, we excel in finding the perfect chef for your unique needs. Elevate your culinary experience and take your super yacht or villa dining to new heights with our talented chefs. Choose excellence with us.


Best chefs for exceptional boats.

Exceptional chefs and top-notch service for your special occasions.

A private chef for your most loved ones.

"Chefie's Ocean-Friendly Cuisine: A Taste of Environmental Responsibility"

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Chefie's deep-rooted connection to the maritime environment is evident in our culinary philosophy. We appreciate the oceans as the life force of our planet and have made it our purpose to safeguard them. By actively participating in coastal cleanups and collaborating with marine conservation organizations, Chefie is dedicated to preserving our seas. Join us in savoring delectable dishes while supporting the protection of our marine ecosystems. At Chefie, sustainability is more than a concept; it's a commitment to nurturing the oceans that sustain us all.

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